School’s actions dangerous


This is a notice to all parents sending their children to Raceland Middle School.

On Nov. 20, our daughter was locked by faculty in a restroom with no windows for three hours. Had there been a fire, there’s no doubt in our minds we would have lost our daughter.

The teachers did not even notify the principal’s office that our daughter was missing. Had she been abducted, those three hours would have been crucial for the police department to apprehend the kidnapper.

We have been told by former faculty of this school that they were forbidden to lock restroom doors because of the fire code, which state an out of order sign must be placed on the doors before locking them. And this was not done. We have talked to the superintendent of Lafourche Parish schools, Mr. Ernest Reed, and he has not made us feel comfortable returning our daughter to school. When something like this occurs, it could very well happen again unless steps are made to correct it.

We look forward to writing “mayhem corrected.” Until then, we are sincerely making all parents aware of this situation.